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Dining On Board

Our sail friendly menu is thoroughly thought out to ensure that your food stays fresh and good for consumption on the yacht. Where the conditions are not ideal for keeping food good. This can be hard for many to achieve, if they have not put in as much thought and considerations into the initial stage of designing the menu. All food and beverage that reaches our menu are from suppliers carefully sourced that provide only the best.

Our suppliers and caterers are the very same ones that distributes to luxurious hotels and cater for the major national events, such as the Singapore Grand Prix, Singapore Fashion Week etc . With our many years working together we maintain a very good relationship with them so that we always get the freshest produce and only the best, all for you. Our team will not stop at these and will be constantly working towards improving our menu offerings as well as bringing you more variety. In the very unlikely case that nothing in our menu would be suitable for you, you may bring your own food and beverage on board. We will be happy to help and advise you on this accordingly.

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