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The Yachting People

Make yachting simple, reliable and amazing.
Who We Are

Pioneering Yacht Charter

Founded in 2010, Marine Bookings started out as a one-stop water activities provider. We soon grew to became the leading luxurious yacht charter company in Singapore. In 2014, we found the need to improve on our image to suit our ever growing clients needs. Finally, in 2016 we successfully rebranded ourselves to m-Barq, keeping the initials of “M” and “B” from our original name. “Barq” comes from the word barque, which means a boat or a sailing ship. Anchoring on our successes, we hope to embark on a new and greater journey with you.

WHY M-Barq


As the industry leader, we provide you with a seamless solution to yacht chartering. We are able to do this because we employ a team of full time professionals working from our office, dedicated to yacht chartering. We work closely together to ensure you get the perfect yachting moment whatever your occasion may be. Choose us because we believe yachting is all about the people, the experience, the good times and the different adventure with every voyage.

Our Fleet


Having the widest fleet gives us the advantage of being able to offer you something that will suit your needs better. Whatever your event or occasion may be, you can now find the perfect one with the least effort. All by just reaching out to us. We dare assure you, you cannot find anything better elsewhere.

Life at mbarq


We are “The Yachting People”. Our people are our greatest asset. Our people are passionate, positive, experienced, driven, organized, innovative and reliable. They are at the heart of everything we do. All these would not have brought us this far if we hadn’t worked closely as a team. When you choose us, you get the support of not just one person but our entire team.